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Doing business in Bear Mode

Life goes on regardless of what Mode we are in. Knowing how to navigate the HOW of doing business in Bear Mode will help you to feel better when things slow or come to a halt.

If you're not sure what I mean when I say Mode, I'm referring to Soul Modes®, first observed and recorded by Carlie Maree. A natural energetic sequence that feminine core beings cycle through. There are 4 four Modes: Wild, Bear, Super and Sparkle and we move through them in this order.

Knowing and understanding this sequence makes life that little bit more predictable and interpretable. Soul Modes® does not correlate with our menstrual or the lunar cycle but I have definitely noticed that they have an influence over mine! I highly recommend that if you're not familiar with this work that you grab a copy of the book by Carlie Maree.

Bear Mode is that dip in energy that we experience. It may feel like tiredness or, if it's a deep Bear, it may feel like the deepest and darkest of moods. Hitting Bear Mode during the workday might feel like:

  • Overwhelm

  • Confusion

  • Lots to do but not sure where to start

  • Talking negatively to self

  • Having negative thoughts about others or situations

  • Dread of tasks or work generally

  • Anti-social, for example, you'll choose email over phone or face to face conversations

  • Preferring mundane tasks that require little to no effort or thought

  • Preferring tasks that require minimal physical movement.

Needless to say that sometimes there are things that just have to get done regardless of our Mode. Sure we can take a mental health day but it's not always easy to predict when a Bear might pop in to say HI!

Here are my best tips for doing business in Bear Mode

I've linked these tips back to my 8 Clarity Pillars, which are the anchor points that bring us back to ground when we feel lost, not sure what to do next or we're overwhelmed. Read more about the pillars.

CONNECT - to your vision

  • Revisit your life's big picture vision

  • Journal, meditate and daydream about it

  • Sift through the yucky thoughts, sort them, ask yourself: "What's the belief I'm holding behind this thought?"

CALENDAR - have a backup plan

  • Know in advance what you can re-shuffle and what you can't. I use the rocks, pebbles, sand method to organise my time. It's linked to my highest priorities and personal values, which means that I can change things around in any moment and know that I'm in alignment with what's most important to me. This is particularly helpful as it avoids me feeling the people pleaser guilts!

  • Re-arrange your to-do list according to what's most important to you but also in a way that helps you to manage your energy. So if you know that you have a face-to-face appointment or social event then see if you can keep the rest of the day for taking it easy.

  • Limit activities that require person-to-person interaction, especially if you're an introvert or an ambivert like me. Cuddling up on the lounge with a loved one or a pet to watch your favourite movie can also be nourishing.

  • REST! Clear your calendar completely, put yourself to bed and rest.

CONTENT - creating in Bear

  • Creating content rarely feels good in Bear but on the flip side NOT creating content doesn't feel good either. Think about the kinds of content that might feel easeful in Bear Mode - for me it's sharing my downs with my audience.

  • Plan out your content when you're in Super Mode and schedule ahead so the bare minimum gets done while you're resting. This really takes the guilt out of putting your tools down.

  • When planning in Super, plan to a level that feels like warm, tender and supporting arms that will hold you through your Bear, not strangle and stifle you.

COMMIT - to YOUrself

  • Nothing else is more important in Bear than taking the time to fit your own oxygen mask first. Make yourself priority number 1.

  • Nourish, rest, do some gentle movement, take warm baths, meditate, write in your journal or do whatever it is that allows you to prioritise yourself first. The rest can wait!

All 4 of our Soul Modes are there to make us whole. We can find support for our Bear inside our other Modes, courtesy of Wild and Super. Allow them to put things into place, to create the tools, and do all the things. It's those 'things' that provide us with support when we need it most, in Bear.

Bear it out Beauty, you've got this.

Sharon Joy Xx

This blog contains an affiliate link for Planoly. I receive a small commission if you decide to join. I never recommend products that I don't use and don't believe 110% in their worth. If you decide that this is for you I greatly appreciate you supporting my business by joining via this link. :)

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