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Wellness isn't found in a product, it's a holistic way of life

My wellness journey started in 2018 after my lap of Australia. I wanted to lose weight, eat better, exercise more, experience great levels of peace and avoid some of the over the counter nasties I was taking, using on my body and in our home. Tranforming my wellness was instrumental in transforming my life. 

It's brought the balance back to my body in so many ways- physically, emotionally, spiritually. Essential Oils have become just that in our home... essential. They are in almost every product that we use in our home to avoid using toxic chemicals in our home and on ourselves and our children. Young Living is our choice of essential oil. In June 2020 I achieved the rank of Silver Leader in the company and in July I commenced my Raindrop Technique® Practitioner training- a specialised aromatherapy massage protocol.

When we know better we do better. So in 2018 I founded Wandering Wellness Collective, a group of people with a common goal... wellness. We learn and grow together and we are forever inviting new people into our community who want to make positive changes too.

We invite you to join us!

I recognise that wellness is holistic… it encompasses all areas of life including social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, intellectual and occupational wellness.


Raindrop Technique® Aromatherapy Massge

There's no better way to drop into your bliss than through a Raindrop Technique Aromatherapy massage.

Raindrop promotes overall health and vitality through the application of the highest quality essential oils.



$144 AUD
Coffs Harbour, NSW


Start your wellness journey with Young Living and Wandering Wellness Collective

My holistic wellness journey started this way and yours can too! With a beautiful Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.  

Choose your kit, select your first Essential Rewards order and you're well on your way to a low tox life! Plug into our training to help you ditch and switch towards better health. 

CALL me if you'd like to discuss which kit best suits your needs.



Start a home-based business or add to your current offerings

Do you have a desire to start a home-based or online business? Or do you want to expand your offerings by adding health and wellness to your current business?

You can!

 All the training and support you need to get started. I invite you to join me, Silver Leader in Young Living, in my organisation, Wandering Wellness Collective. 

CALL me if you'd like to find out more.

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Wandering Wellness Collective


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What people say

“Her beautiful nature, insight, guidance and knowledge, along with the amazing resources she created for us was second to none.”

— Leanne Patten, Certified Soul Modes® Mentor

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